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Why Forestry Mulching?

Updated: Jan 10

The advantages of Forestry Mulching

Have you ever seen the beautiful musky smell of pine needles or gone backpacking across a dense forest? Have you ever wondered what that smell is all about? Have you been looking for the best way to clear that wooded land and turn it into more usable space but are worried that it will cost you an arm and a leg?

Was it a tedious and frustrating experience trying to clean up your land last time, and are you looking for a more straightforward solution? If so, you can put your worries aside.

You may find the answer in forest mulching. This article will focus on forest mulching to provide helpful information about it.

Forest mulching is one of the best ways to clear your land and turn your forests into usable land. Let's look at what forest mulching is all about without further ado.


Forest mulching is a clearing method that uses a single machine to cut trees, brush selectively, and remove unwanted vegetation, leaving a thin layer of mulch that is operational and beautiful.

Forest mulching is more efficient than using a chainsaw or tractor with a brush hog while being more cost-effective than an excavator, loader, and hauler. This one-machine, one-operator method can remove all stumps and stems at ground level, leaving an area that can be immediately driven over, mowed, or seeded.

Mulching is an alternative to traditional tree felling methods, such as chipping or shredding, because it leaves no debris, only wood chips that are easy to dispose of by composting or incineration for use as compost in garden beds.

Mulching leaves no unsightly stumps that need to be removed with hand tools or special machineries, such as chippers or stump cutters. The resulting material is shredded into small pieces with a forestry mulcher. The resulting mulch also provides superior erosion protection and reintroduces nutrients into the soil. This product can be used as a soil amendment or mulch in other parts of the forest; it can also be used as fuel for wood-burning equipment or sold as firewood.

Forest mulching reduces the impact of logging while the wood is being processed. Still, it can protect a home, create a new garden bed, or even help farmers harvest a crop without leaving considerable residue. In addition, thanks to the mulching process, the trees are never cut down.


The machines used by forest mulching companies to clear land are called mulchers. Some mulchers are smaller, like regular lawnmowers, and are defined as pieces of landscape and yard cleanup equipment. But in general, mulchers are heavy-duty machines used for clearing large areas of land, construction sites, and areas with thick brush and dense foliage.

Here are some of the primary brush cutters used for forest mulching.

Self-supporting mulchers

These are portable mulching units made of plastic. They have a funnel-shaped opening through which leaves and debris are fed into the mulcher, which quickly shreds them into small particles. The shredded vegetation and residues become natural and nutritious mulch for the rest of the plants.

Tractor mulchers

It can be used on commercial properties such as landscaping companies or even private estates where there is an abundance of trees and shrubs that need to be cleared from specific areas.

Commercial mulchers

The most common construction site mulchers are used to clear land for new construction. They are substantial due to the challenging nature of their task. Commercial crushers are constructed of durable, heavy-duty steel, have plenty of horsepower, and can withstand rough use.


These shredders come with a built-in chipper or chipper and are popular because of their ability to multitask.

Electric mulchers

These mulchers are intended for more straightforward brush-clearing jobs. Because electric motors power them, they are quieter and perfect for residential neighborhoods. Electric mulchers are environmentally friendly, as they pollute less. However, they run on an electric cord that limits the areas they can reach.

Gas brush cutters

Gas-powered brush cutters are extremely powerful and rugged. They are used to clear dense foliage, tree limbs, and shrubs. Gas brush cutters are available in various sizes to suit different ground conditions.


The main advantage of forest mulching is that it reduces the waste generated by traditional clearing methods. Mulching does not produce wood chips or other debris that must be transported for disposal. Instead, all the vegetation left over from clearing - branches, leaves, grass, etc. - becomes a nutrient layer that covers the soil. There is no need for trees, limbs, grass, and leaves to be trucked off your property for disposal.

Forest mulching also offers other advantages over conventional methods:

Forest mulching is fast and affordable.

For smaller areas and more specific sites, mulching requires a single machine. That single unit processes trees and other vegetation right where they are located. This one-step process eliminates the need for multiple devices involved in mulching, such as site preparation, felling, clearing, and cutting.

Mulching can be done on any terrain and in any weather.

Mulching is a simple process that can be performed in any weather or soil condition: hot or cold, wet or dry. Specialized companies can mulch even on steep slopes and narrow areas, on poor soils, and in damp or snowy weather. Even in the most challenging terrain, forest mulching can be achieved with the right machinery.

The forest mulching process produces no waste and is environmentally friendly.

Traditional clearing methods carry significant soil erosion risks by pushing trees, uprooting stumps and roots, and disturbing the soil. In contrast, mulching vegetation by forest mulching leaves the soil structure intact. The resulting mulch acts as a barrier against erosion. It also returns nutrients to the soil through the gradual decomposition of its components. Over time, new vegetation will grow naturally through the mulch.

Forest Mulch Hinders weed growth.

Weeds are bad news for farms, gardens, or forest vegetation. They multiply rapidly and, if left unchecked, will compete for soil nutrients with desired plants or crops, preventing them from thriving. By mulching, the top layer of soil is covered with shredded vegetation that prevents sunlight from reaching the remaining weeds, causing them to die. In addition, the heat generated by the decomposition of the shredded mulch helps kill any remaining weed seeds.

Forest mulching nourishes the soil.

Unlike traditional clearing techniques, mulching does not push trees or cause alterations in soil structure, increasing soil erosion. Mulching protects the topsoil from natural forces that cause corrosion, such as high winds or storms. It also helps conserve water by reducing soil moisture loss. The mulch layer prevents the sun's direct rays from hitting the topsoil, limiting evaporation.


The purpose of forest mulching is to prepare the land for future use. Mulching is the removal of all vegetation from an area to prepare it for another use. It can be used for commercial purposes, such as clearing land for development, or private purposes, such as clearing land to make way for a new backyard.

Commercial and public land clearing.

Mulching is becoming very popular in public, commercial, and residential land-clearing projects, such as preparing and developing construction sites, creating nature and recreational trails, and aiding seismic exploration. It is a common choice for clearing right-of-way easements and road and highway maintenance, pipelines, and utility lines that often require completely removing all standing vegetation.

Wetland and riparian ecology (riparian zone) habitat conservation.

In their attempts to maintain habitats for pheasants, doves, elk, deer, and other wildlife, private landowners, non-profit riparian conservation organizations, hunting clubs, and government agencies are adopting the process of forest mulching because of its environmental friendliness. Forest mulching is a way of removing unwanted vegetation that mimics natural forest succession and minimizes soil erosion.

Animal welfare

Here's how this type of clearing helps forest animals:

Food: Forest mulching machines, such as chippers and mowers, remove brush and invasive species, such as buckthorn and multiflora rose. This allows grasses and other food sources for herbivores to grow and thrive.

Water: Sometimes, animals cannot access their water sources when blocked due to excessive tree undergrowth. Brush cutters and pruning shears can be used to restore access to water.

Shelter: Some animals depend on certain grasses for habitat, shelter, breeding, and protection from extreme temperatures.

Wildfire prevention.

Proactive mulching reduces the potential for wildfire. It removes small leafy plants, fallen or rotting trees, and other fuel sources that could act as tinder for wildfires. In addition, reactive mulching, or firebreak, which is the reactive cutting of lines on active fires, can be used to control wildfires.


If you have a yard and are interested in natural fertilization, mulchers are for you. Also called mulching mowers, they can fertilize your lawn at the same time they mow it. They turn grass into mulch and spread it over the property to nourish the soil. You can choose a mulcher for your property based on the following categories:

Cutting width: The width of a mower tells you how much grass it can cut at one time. Common choices include 14-inch or 18-inch blades. Larger blades offer better-cutting performance.

Engine horsepower: The higher the horsepower of a mower's engine, the better its performance. Some options include 11- or 13-amp motors and 40- or 56-volt batteries for your yard.

Type of power: There are different types of mowers. They can be battery-operated or run on a power cord plugged into the electrical outlet.


Forest mulching companies offer numerous beneficial land-clearing services. The right contractor can complete even the most strenuous clearing jobs in less time, using less labor and at the best cost per acre. Do forest mulching companies offer a wide range of services, including

  • Pasture Reclamation

  • Lot Clearing and Beautification

  • Tree Thinning

  • Clearing Overgrowth

  • Underbrush Removal

  • Right-of-Way Clearing

  • Fence Line Clearing

  • Home Site Clearing

  • Hunting Access Lanes

  • Ditch Clearing

  • Tree Removal

  • Trails and Road Clearing

  • Brush Mowing

  • Fire Breaks

  • Utility Easements Clearing

  • Real Estate Thinning

  • Stump Removal

  • Elimination of Invasive Plant Species


In the United States, numerous companies offer forest clearing services. Hoosier Land Clearing Service, LLC is a company that uses compact track loaders with forest mulching heads to mulch vegetation, brush, trees, and stumps. This allows them to mulch in a controlled and selective manner with minimal soil disturbance and without uprooting trees. Hervet Landworks provides forest mulching services in Maryland, eastern West Virginia, and northern Loudoun County, Virginia. Leach Landworx, LLC is a family-owned and operated forest mulching and property improvement company based in scenic East Tennessee.


There are many organic materials for mulching, such as sawdust, leaves, twigs, straw, softwood, hardwood, grass, etc. The type of organic material that makes up the mulch must be carefully calculated to allow new plants to thrive and thrive without resistance. If miscalculated, the process can lead to some undesirable results. For example, if you use too much grass as organic material, you may introduce new weed seeds to your property. Professional advice is strongly recommended before mulching. The problem with forest mulching is that it is more time-consuming than other methods, such as burning or tilling, as it involves felling the trees or shrubs first and then spreading their tops over the land so that they decompose naturally and create fertile soil for plant growth. This can take up to two years, depending on your property's size and how many trees you have on it. So if you want quick results from this method, ensure enough space on your property for all the fallen trees to decompose faster.

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