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Land Clearing & Brush Grinding

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Our Services

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Pre-Construction Site work:

* Grading- work ground/dirt to create desired level/ slope
* Pad installation- work existing dirt/imported dirt to build evaluated pad for permeant structure
* Residential driveway installation- clear (if needed) pathway, elevate path, and install material (rock, slag, crushed asphalt) for proper water run off to get to desired point on property

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* General lot clearing- remove all organic material (including trees and stumps) from requested area on property typically to build structure, but not limited to
* Selective clearing- remove requested organic material in between other organic material
* Forestry mulching/grinding- Use machine implement to grind/mulch small trees and debris in requested area (material is turned into mulch, hauling off material is not required)
*Brush cutting/ bush-hogging- use machine implement to cut tall grasses

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* Haul off requested material- Haul any type of material requested, including but not limited to organic material from job, dirt excavated, debris from demo... ect
* Import requested material- including but not limited to sand clay, mason sand, fill dirt, crush n run, rip rap... ect

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*Structure Demolition- tear down structure requested, haul off if requested

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Retention/ Detention pond services and maintenance:

*Install pond- build pond to specs from county working in
*Pond maintenance- clean out and cut grass in and directly around the pond to prolong life of pond

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Residential Pond Installation:

Install pond to permitted specs provided

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Erosion Control:

* Lake Embankment Erosion Control- Rip rap shoreline of the property to prevent erosion of the property
* New Construction Erosion Control- install silt fencing, hydroseed, and organic matting on steep slopes to prevent washing

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Septic Systems/ Sewer Taps:

*Install septic system- Install a system to specs of permit (usually) for new construction to dispose of wastewater
*sewer tap- Install wastewater system to tap onto public sewer pipe (must have access to public sewer and must obtain proper permission

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We turn the dilapidated into a manageable, beautiful piece of land.

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