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Land Clearing & Brush Grinding

Our Services

Turn a neglected lot into a manageable and beautiful piece of land.

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Pre-Construction Site Work

Our company can work with you to create the perfect foundation for your home, barn, garage, and any other structure you may need.

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We specialize in clearing for residential or commercial land development. Clearing brush and tree debris will allow you to enjoy your property more efficiently.

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Bushwacker Land Improvements offers hauling services to residential and commercial customers. We will haul material off your property upon request, or import requested materials if unavailable locally.

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Our team of highly trained professionals can demolish all types of structures, from historic homes to abandoned buildings. We are proud to offer you a complete demolition service.

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Retention/Detention Pond Services & Maintenance

Our retention/detention pond and maintenance services cover any need. Whether you are looking to install a new pond or want to maintain your current one, we can help.

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Residentail Pond Installation

Our ponds are carefully designed and installed to comply with local regulations, creating a beautiful water feature that serves as a garden centerpiece.

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Erosion Control

We offer quality erosion control services. We will install silt fences, hydroseeding, and organic matting on steep slopes to prevent scouring.

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Septic Systems/Sewer Taps

Our septic systems and sewage taps are professionally installed to ensure a quality product every time. All equipment is installed and tested to meet all local codes, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

About Us

Bushwacker improvements is a land clearing, redevelopment and rehabilitation company. We turn the dilapidated into a manageable, beautiful piece of land. 

Whether you are looking to redevelop an existing property, convert a single parcel into multiple lots, or convert an eyesore into a desirable land feature, our team is here to help.

We have all of the equipment and expertise to react quickly to your needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation so we can turn your problem around!

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We turn the dilapidated into a manageable, beautiful piece of land.

All our Work & Projects

Whether you are looking to expand your existing property or develop new real estate, our experienced team can provide the services necessary to make it happen. From the simple clearing of a plot of land to the complete rehabilitation of a property, we offer fast and efficient solutions that will contribute to the success of your project. 


Forestry Mulching

Let us know how we can assist your land clearing needs

Head Office

804 Center StreetWest Columbia, SC 29169
Phone: (803) 302-8250


• 333 Riverchase WayLexington, SC 29072

• 804 Center StreetWest Columbia, SC 29169

• 7345 Parklane Rd.Columbia, SC 29212

• 7309 Highway 215 NorthJenkinsville, SC 29065Fairfield County

• 186 Lakeshore Dr.Leesville, SC 29070

• 2196 Sol LagrieveCharleston, SC 29412

• 3700 Fish Hatchery Rd.Gaston, SC 29053

• 2622 Glenwood Rd.Columbia, SC 29204

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